Writings of Francis Moss

A tiny snail gazes towards the sky
smiling as he tries his best
to move at the same speed
as the sunset.

Dandelions as puffy chairs.

We know a giant ladybug
with big black dots.
She says her dots are infinite
and we can jump into them
when the time is right.

If you see a caterpillar that is perfectly still, look closely…
it might be a gnome eyebrow.
The eyebrow is the key.
When you see the eyebrow, you will see the gnome.

looking at the sky
a tear falls from my eye
and lands on my face
as a raindrop

The sun falls very slowly
into the sea
and waves splash and sizzle.
The fish hide,
the dolphins swim around in joy
and the whales welcome their new friend.

Two little mushrooms had been floating around in a tiny pond of soft light
for what seemed like an eternity.
So one day, the little mushrooms jumped out of the pond.
They landed on a tree stump.
They are now growing on this stump.
And they love it.
They will live together on this stump for a while,
then return to the tiny pond
of soft light.

Today I went to turn on the lamp and found a barn swallow nesting on the light bulb.  I didn’t know if I should turn the light bulb on, for I didn’t want to burn her rump.  On the other hand, however, maybe she enjoyed the heat (I mean, why else would she choose a light bulb as her nesting spot).  So I decided to take the middle way and spent all day turning the bulb on and off every 3 minutes.  Then it came time for me to go to bed so I turned the bulb off and said goodnight to the barn swallow.  I guess she wasn’t ready for bed because she started flying around the room going, “cou cou, cou cou.”  Her eyes got real big and she flew at my head a few times until I finally ran into my room and locked the door.  Now I am laying here and I can’t sleep cause she is freaking out and flying around the house, banging into things.  Well, I guess I’ll try to sleep again now.

I am in the forest, looking for Fred.  “Where are you Fred, I know you’re here somewhere.”  Then I see red and think maybe I am INSIDE Fred.  This whole forest is Fred! And there are little tiny Freds in Fred running around, with their pointy red hats!  And maybe there are little tiny Francis’ inside of me, running around looking for Fred. Regardless, I continue my search.

A dolphin jumps into the air
and sees the sun and clouds.
The fish watch the dolphin
disappear and reappear.
they wonder
where he went
and what he saw.

Alone in an ice field.
A giant circle lands
on my head.
It is glowing.
I walk around
the ice field
with this giant circle
on my head.

dew dolphins can sometimes have too much fun.
so if you’re sitting in the grass in the morning
and feel a tickle
it’s might not be a bug.

Jumping gnomes gather around a stem,
trying to jump at the exact moment
that a flower bud appears for the first time.

falling asleep
next to our feet.
we can see his dreams
as they slowly float from his furry head
and into the sky,
blending in with the clouds.
at first they look like simple snowflakes
rising into the sky.
but if you look very deeply into the snowflake,
you will see the most beautiful dreams
that you have ever seen.

sunspots like apples
making me hungry
clouds like pillows
making me sleepy
so i set out to find the tallest apple tree
so i can climb to the top
and eat an apple
and rest my head on a cloud

dreams are memories of stars
and stars fall into dreams
when you are sleeping on the back
of a giant

Falling tree mushrooms almost nail me in the head,
but I don’t want to look up, because they could bonk me in the eyes.
So I just look at the ground, terrified, waiting to get creamed.

Walking under the petals
of a giant flower
slow rain falls
onto the petals.
every now and then
a giant raindrop falls
making a very low pitched
soft splash.
we feel the vibrations
through our bodies
and smile
as the giant raindrop
bursts into thousands of tiny raindrops
falling on our heads.

Cloud clumps
growing from the earth.
Many types of friends circle above,
eagerly waiting to welcome the baby clouds to their new home.

floating white petals
in a blue sky
and tiny puffy clouds
on stems.

While hiding under the moss,
the little snail peaked out
and saw an orange fuzz in the air.
He then crawled out from under the moss
and all of the orange fuzz landed on his shell.
He can’t get it off.
So now his shell is bright orange.
Needless to say, he no longer hides under the moss.

Colors change so slowly that the mushroom hardly notices.
The sky was once orange and now it’s pink.
The mushroom doesn’t know how or when it changed.
But he likes it.
So he decides to slowly change into a turtle.

A fawn looks into a very tiny pond.
He sees what the other deer can’t see.
It is so beautiful,
a tear falls from his eye.
Now there are two tiny ponds.