Who Are You?

Do you find yourself strangely obsessed with mushrooms?  Think mushrooms are cute, in a similar way that cats are cute?  Dream about jumping or sleeping on a mushroom?  Secretly pet mushrooms or think about having a pet mushroom?  Think about sleeping on a pet mushroom?  Whisper to the ground, trying to send messages to the root kingdom?  Or put your ear to the ground, trying to hear message from the root kingdom?  Fantasize about being small enough to sleep under a mushroom?  Constantly think about SHRINKING?  Obsessed with butterflies?  Love gnomes, fairies, elves, trolls or feel deep down that you might be one?  Rather gaze at the sky than a TV?
Deeply connected to nature?  Feel a real sense of pain at the destruction of nature?  Like the idea of boulder bungalows, spark flowers or sunlit tall bubbles?  Feel like in some other dimension you have been to the invisible forest, elephant fairy valley or blimpland?  Feel like you are living in multiple dimensions at the same time?
Love rainbows?  Think of rainbows as cracks into another world?  Feel like butterflies can fly between worlds?
Have abstract memories or dreams from an elemental realm?  Feel like you grew up as a mosslen?  Rather read a fairy tale than watch a romantic comedy?
Love to daydream?  Love to be completely present and watch the world turn into a wonderland?  Love to make up stories?  Love gibberish and nonsense?  Enjoy gazing into a fawn’s eyes? Feel a deep love for the fawn?  Feel a strange sense of understanding when looking at a painting of Fred or hearing Fred’s name?  While watching a sporting game, fantasize about a player suddenly start hopping around like a frog, rather than caring about the game?  Like it when usual reality is disrupted in some way?  Make up your own abstract language?  Feel more alive in nature than at a shopping mall?  Feel a deep sense of knowing when asked if you’re a hybrid or elemental?

If so, please write to us and tell us who you are:

The Wonder Revolution
109 S. Ridge Rd.
Wichita, KS 67209

We will write you back.