Firefly CD

firefly cover bc

Firefly consists of the group’s most concise musical statements to date, the opening track “Linden Tree” acting as a quiet, meditative invocation of the wonder muse, before giving way to the noisy pop that greets listeners on tracks such as the title piece, the understated “Here We Are” and “Layers of Miracles”. These pieces ask us to imagine M83, Stereolab, and classic era Yes collaborating on three minute slices of perfection, the radiant musical settings and enigmatic lyrics engaging the listener with their simplicity and vibrant images.

With “The Current” and “Invisible Until” the collective’s diverse musical concerns reach confluence as each tune subtly spotlights Lord’s unique and precise melody lines while allowing the collective itself to come to the fore. By the album’s end, comparisons to music of the past fall away and the listener can only embrace the future––in which wondermusic takes hold and becomes a celebrated form of musical expression.

Price: $10