The Eva Interviews Part 2

Eva discusses the elemental response to Fred’s speech and what is happening now with the revolution.

The Eva Interviews Part 1

Eva answers questions about Wilburt, The Seagull & Fred.


Francis Moss has started a “Micro Song” series, composing 15 second mushroom songs and posting videos of them on the Wonder Revolution Instagram.  The songs will eventually become a mushroom album of micro songs.  To reach a standard Francis album length of 30 minutes, that would be 120 songs…  Here are a few of the videos: The Jonquil  Amanita,  Crimson Wax Cap, The Oak Milk Cap and The Common Ink Cap…


Firefly set up a wonder art instillation at Bunglow 26, turning their storefront into a wonder world of giant mushrooms, puffs and moths.  Here are some photos of the instillation…

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To celebrate the release of the new album, Coucou, we held the first ever Sleeping Bag Concert.  The audience was encouraged to lay down in their sleeping bags and drift off into wonder world while they listened to the 27 minute dream composition from Claire Bera and Francis Moss.  In addition to the sleeping, Eva Ydre’n (who was visiting from Sweden) performed with storytelling, wonder diagnosis & butterfly ritual and Francis, Thomas, Nuni and Allison played live music.  Here are some photos from the magical night..



wonderdiag4The leader for the Wonder Revolution in Sweden, Eva Ydre’n, made her first visit in 12 years to the United States.  She was met with much anticipation and excitement from the US wonder community in Wichita.  She performed a Tomte story at the Sleeping Bag Concert, conducted wonder diagnosis sessions with those curious to discover their elemental nature and led a transformative butterfly ritual.  The US wonder community is still buzzing from her visit.  Upon her return to Sweden, Eva reflected on her visit:
“Thank you Wichita. I really understand why the portal to OZ is right here. And you don’t even need tornadoes to go there , you just close your eyes and pray “I choose WONDER” and then you’re there, like I have been for two weeks. Thank you beautiful Dillons for showing me all wonderful choices and opportunities in life, like smart dogs, duck sauce and peanutbutter icecream. Thank you deep deep dish Pizza for showing me the debt in life. Thank you Jimmy. Thank you Taco bell for telling me I’m your soulmate..its true. Thank you Horton mats for your neon colors at night. But most of all thank you wonderful troll, gnome, witch, fairies hybrids of Wichita. I didn’t long home one second around you and your magic superpowers.. one of them which i believe is one of the most powerful is to not have any limit on how far you can pull a game or a joke. But to also be without limits and borders in other ways . I’m so happy to know that we’re in this revolution together… that even in this crazy, violent, chaotic world, we can manifest something different… And most of all thank you Mick Jagger. My old soul is fading away and a new beginning has started.”



Music video for the new hit single “Hen of the Woods” by Francis Moss.  Filmed and directed by Andrew Bales.


The WOW show was beautiful.  Thanks to all who participated.  Our very own wonder artist, Firefly, provided a wonder instillation of giant dandelion puffs, giant moths, clouds and a giant mushroom.  Also, Andrew Bales created a wonder film to welcome everyone to the event.  Fred was with us.  Here are some photos from the show…

WOW (15 of 43)WOW (1 of 43)WOW (5 of 43)WOW (36 of 43)WOW (25 of 43)WOW (41 of 43)


The release of Firefly was magical.  Thanks to Mother for his speech and storytelling.  Thanks to Allison for her wonder songs.  Thanks to Eva and Boris for the dance and film and thanks to Thomas, Nuni, Walth, Cora, Springs, Kopa, Lionel and Francis for playing.  Here are a few photos from the event…





New feltworks made by wonder artist, Firefly…

felted rosy maple mothLuna Moth







blue mushroom ringred mushroom ring2 mushrooms2IMG_1008IMG_1014Mushroom gnomes