Mushroom Facts

Coral mushrooms have a very small threshold for direct sunlight.  Try holding one in the sun, letting it melt, then shaking someones hand.

Rubbing your nose on a mushroom increases your sense of smell.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, take two mushrooms, one in each hand, and rub them on your temples.

Instead of counting sheep or whatever, try counting gills.

If your feet stink, put a stem between each of your toes while you bathe.

Try eating an entire Tawny Milk Cap mushroom and going for a run.  You will be running, but feel like you’re perfectly still.

Wild lambs often are found in meadows, searching for puffball mushrooms.

Try using a transparent Fairy’s Bonnet mushroom as sunglasses.  Sticks to face, keeps the bright out and you can see the world with gills.

After thunder storms, animals search for mushroom globs.  Birds build nests, rabbits collect for warmth and mice use them as pillows.

Put your ear on a rooted mushroom.  You’ll be amazed at what you hear.

Tiny sparks can be seem coming from a yellow bulbed mushroom if you look at it just right.

Drenched mushrooms make good washcloths.

Tubular mushrooms can be used as a telescope if you’re into gill gazing.

Try a massage with a nubby mushroom.

Laying in mushroom trench can really open up your chakra.

The first spring mushroom can appear as early as November.

If you’re looking for a good prank, try putting a star bearing mushroom under someone’s bed.

If you want to try eating mushroom, take a recently fallen cap, crumble it and put it in leaf for burrito.

Many gilled mushrooms make good toothpaste.  If you want gill mouth.

Sleeping within a 200 meter radius of a giant mushroom and improve your breathing.

Don’t try using mushroom as TP.

If you want a mushroom bday cake, find a puffball and put frosting.

For a house party, put a cap on the door handle.

To get some laughs, when you sneeze, bark mushroom at the same time.

Instead of waffles, flip a cap and fill the gills. (maple syrup)

Try petting your cats with mushroom.  They love it, then they’ll bathe themselves.

Keeping your eyes fixed on mushroom can help your balance in yoga

Chanterelle mushrooms can be rubbed on face instead of makeup

If you need to wake someone in a gentle way, hold a mushroom close to their face.  The subtle scent will wake them without agitation.

Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Petting a mushroom a day keeps the psychiatrist away.

Mushrooms growing behind waterfalls can be used as medicine for runny nose.

Mushroom particles float in and out of us, so tiny we can’t see or feel them.  So we’re all part mushroom!

Instead of rags, try using mushrooms for cleaning.  You don’t even need cleaning spray.  Mushrooms have a nice natural odor.

For a joke, stick a mushroom in somebody’s shoe.

To see the world from a mushroom’s perspective, drink a furrowed mushroom drop then lay on your face as close to ground as possible.

For a good core workout, put a mushroom in your belly button and try to touch your nose to it.  Find the right size stem to fit button.

If your electricity goes out, keep warm by stuffing clothes with mushrooms.  Insulation.

Ducks love spotted mushrooms.  In research, the more spots, the more quacks.

Mushroom Mind is a condition in which all cap shaped objects are processed by the mind as mushrooms.  If you have MM, don’t pick mushrooms.

Tie a mushroom cap to a balloon and let it go.  Give a bird a chance to catch a ride.