A title given to those who were part of The Air Adventure.  see The Air Adventure


Wonder musician/songwriter.  Part of the Loperloo lineage.  One of the original creators of “wondermusic”.  Author of “Wonder-standing Wonder: Beginner’s Edition”.


A collection of writings that are supposed words of Fred, heard/translated by humans. see Fred


Wonder vocalist.  Appears on Firefly and The Magic World.  Part of “The Trees”.  a.k.a. BD, Bop, Gonzo, Benjamin Donald, Donald.


Wonder name of Kristyn Chapman.  Graphic designer of Wow, Polypores & The Magic World.  Guitarist.  A WALTH.


A land in The Magic World where mini elephants blow rainbows from their trunks while elephant fairies dance on their ears, making the rainbows float (with their dance).  If the mini elephants catch a rainbow in their mouth (before they float away), they shrink and become an elephant fairy (dancing on ears).


Air Master and hybrid.  Prominent liaison between elemental and human realms.  Storyteller, dancer, singer, writer and wonder philosopher.  Co-founder of The Wonder Revolution in the human realm.  Founder of The Wonder Diagnosis System.  Eurytmi practitioner.  Wonder discoveries and insights include The Butterfly Theory, The Rainbow Theory, Operation Houses Tomte, Mick Day and many others.


French visionary.  Appears on Coucou.  Credited with the philosophy of the mass human shrink.
(see Coucou)


Wonder name of Chelsea Monette.  Wonder vocalist/artist/sculptor.  appears on Dots, The Forest Meeting, Firefly & The Magic World. 


The fifth album from the wonder collective.  Collaboration between Francis and french visionary, Claire Bera.  Explores the concept of humanity shrinking to the size of sleeping on mushrooms and the effects of a mass shrink on human culture.


First album by the wonder collective.  Sets the backdrop for the upcoming catalog.  Theme is holons and nature of reality.  Features Francis, Thomas, Nuni, Walth, Cora, Sean Fanning, Nathan Wilder, Abby Penna and Charlie Martinez.


Nature spirits.  Fairies, elves, trolls, gnomes, sprites, etc.


An expressive movement art originated by Rudolf Steiner in conjunction with Marie von Sivers in the early 20th century. Primarily a performance art, it is also used in education, especially in Waldorf schools, and – as part of anthroposophic medicine– for claimed therapeutic purposes.


1-The final land in The Magic World.  A land of regeneration.
2-The compost pile.  (when seen from above)


1- The wonder name of Lindsay Bowling.  Wonder artist/sculptor/singer.
2- The third album by the wonder collective.  Written by Francis for Firefly.  Featuring Francis, Nuni, Thomas, Benjamin David & Cora.


Wonder name of Kellen Monette.  Appears on The Forest Meeting.


Wonder name of David Lord.  Air Master.  Co-founder of the wonder revolution (on the human realm).  Founder and curator of the wonder musical collective.  Guitarist/songwriter.  Appears on Dots, The Forest Meeting, Firefly, Wow, Coucou & The Magic World.  Solo albums include: El Yunque, Polypores & Treehugger.  Unreleased/upcoming albums include: Mloo, Magic 2, Mushrooms, Pluna, A Forest Could Tell You and 30 more.  Mushroom enthusiast.  Part of “The Trees”.  A WALTH.


Wonder name of Caleb John Drummond.


An elemental being who organized The Forest Meeting, where he delivered his speech on the human condition to a great audience of forest creatures and elementals.  Fred is known as the manifestor, the one who followed the impulse.  Many felt these impulses, but Fred was the one who took the initiative and called the meeting.  It can never be only one person who starts something, but the revolution might not have manifested itself without Fred.  The story of Fred and The Forest Meeting appear in The Forest Meeting.  Fred references appear throughout wonder catalog.  Supposed words of Fred appear in Book of Fred.  see Book of Fred


Fred’s land in The Magic World.  When he isn’t on top of his throne (mushroom), you can find him exploring the scubas of living trees and feeding off the warm glow of their roots (like carrots).


When you drink of the moon, you will find a dream.


Wonder name of Benjamin Snook.  Wonder guitarist/producer/singer.


A land in The Magic World where tiny silly gnomes bounce from roof to roof (early in the morning).


Co-creator of wow.  Vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer.


Wonder name of Thayne Coleman.  Drummer/guitarist/vocalist.  Played in live wonder band and appears on The Magic World and the upcoming Pods.


see The Air Adventure


Butterfly creature.  Thought of as a type of divine being.


Wonder name of Miki Masuda Jarvis.  Wonder vocalist.  Upcoming albums: Mloo & Moondrops.


Wonder name for Matt Mundinger.  Wonder guitarist/singer/songwriter/speaker.  Creator of Secret Sky. Appears on The Forest Meeting (as Fred), The Magic World & the upcoming Secret Sky.


“We started the Wonder Revolution one day while walking in the forest.  While we were walking we heard a tiny voice.  The voice sounded very small and very far away, and we looked and looked but we didn’t see anyone.

It turns out the voice belonged to a tiny man named Fred, who lived in the forest in a little mushroom house.  He was standing on top of his little mushroom house and waving and calling out to us when Francis Moss, finally, just by accident, stepped on Fred’s mushroom house and crushed it.  Fred, fortunately, was just able to dive off of his mushroom house and into the grass.  Anyways, we finally saw Fred and we picked him up in our hands and dusted him off.  He wasn’t hurt, fortunately, and Francis was so sorry and felt so bad about destroying Fred’s mushroom house that, in an effort to make it up to Fred, he’s really made it his mission to just spread awareness of mushrooms by writing songs about them, and not eating too many of them, and wearing these really soft shoes so he doesn’t crush anymore mushrooms while walking.

Anyways, we sat with Fred in our hands and talked with him for hours and hours.  Eventually the conversation shifted to life and the way the humans live versus the way the forest creatures live.  And Fred made us realize that humans, we act so often out of habit, or obligation.  We vary rarely do what really makes us happy.  We are obsessed with things and memories.  We’ve become so wrapped up with our thoughts and personal stories that we rarely realize how amazing the world around us is.  We don’t notice the trees stretching up into the clouds or the colors in the sky changing from red to blue to yellow to green or the light spilling out of everyone’s eyes and mouth and hands and heart.  We’ve lost our sense of wonder.

Occasionally, the sense of wonder can be rediscovered — in nature, or in learning, or in discovery, or in love.  We created these songs and stories and art to try to recapture this feeling.  The revolution is an internal one – it’s meant to be a change in how we think and act – it’s a mindset and a lifestyle.  Our goal is to be in touch with this sense of wonder always, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

And we want all of you to rediscover your sense of wonder too.  This really is a collective, and we want to include everyone, so if you connect with what you see and hear and feel like you’d like to contribute to the movement in some way, contact us.  Or find or create wonder for yourselves.  Find whatever you love to do, find whoever you love to be with, and do those things, and be with those people, and don’t forget to climb the invisible trees or ride the sky bicycles or pick the spark-flowers, because life is amazing and this world is amazing.” -Mother


Wonder name of Alisha Hunt.  Wonder artist/singer.  Appears on Dots, The Forest Meeting, Firefly & The Magic World.  Upcoming albums: Thaeluna. 


Sacred food in the Mick Jagger lineage.


1- A wonder greeting shared between Francis and Mother.
2- Fred’s hair.


Wonder name of Laura Stephens.  Wonder vocalist.  Appears on The Forest Meeting & The Magic World.


A fuzzy faced friend of Thomas and Francis.  His look causes one to jump from top to snowball top.


The epic journey of three in the Colorado mountains in which initial and break through wonder realities were revealed.  The genesis of what would become The Wonder Revolution in the human realm.
also called “Luftaventyret”


1- The meeting of forest creatures and elementals where Fred delivered his speech.  This event marked the beginning of the wonder revolution.
2- The second album by the wonder collective, telling the story of Fred and the forest meeting in a sort of wonder rock opera.  Features Francis, Thomas, Nuni, Walth, Cora, Springs, Foggy, and Mother playing the part of Fred.


The portal to The Magic World.  WALTH once jumped in.


A land in The Magic World where babies are born in invisible trees (and appear to be floating in air), but as they grow up, they slowly become invisible too.


1- The world that The Goddess portal leads to.
2- The sixth album by the wonder collective.  A WALTH collaboration (Walth, Thomas & Francis).
also called The Garden World


A group of humans that were raised in the forest by elementals.


A unity adventure group of Benjamin, David and Benjamin David.


Wonder name of Benjamin Hunt.  Wonder songwriter/vocalist/guitarist/bassist/keyboardist.  Appears on Dots, The Forest Meeting, Firefly & The Magic World.  Upcoming/unreleased albums include Magic 2, Young Giraffes & The Inter-View Project.  Part of “The Trees”. A WALTH.


Generally described as being no taller than three feet, having a long white beard, and wearing a conical or knit cap in red or some other bright color.  Tomten plays with our lives, setting up situations and “coincidences” that show us the interconnection and magic of life.  The next time an amazing “coincidence” occurs in your life,  consider that it might not be a coincidence at all.  It might be Tomten.


short for Walther
1- Wonder name for Sam Hake.  Wonder vocalist/songwriter/percussionist/keyboardist.  Appears on The Magic World, Dots & The Forest Meeting.  A WALTH.
2- A person with a very particular set of personality traits that is born in the first two weeks of October.  Not everyone born in these two weeks is a WALTH, only those with walthy characteristics that are very hard to articulate, but unmistakable.  Common traits of a WALTH are: inability to speak with different accents, a slight, particular awkwardness in public speaking or social settings, a walthy childlike and quirky way of using language.  A walth has a certain look in his/her eyes and/or a particular type of eye movement.  All WALTHS are equally WALTH, but Sam Hake is pure Walth.


Air Capital.  You have to go through Kansas to get over the rainbow.


Embodiment of deep, deep darkness.  Soul-less.  Pathetic.


1- A wonder palindrome.
2- The fourth album by the wonder collective.  A collaboration between Francis and Les Easterby.


A type of wonder person in the lineage of Mother.  See Mother.