Book of Fred

1. dropping mushroom dobbles into cracks. hoping to grow hedges.  2. following lines on a branch gilled mushroom…from gill to gill, then on to the bark…then back to the gills…this could go on forever.  3. dense specks…endless tiny kites?  4. hiding behind eyelids while playing hide and seek with a rabbit won’t work unless you want to open your eyes and be nose to nose with a flopper.  5. smiling at every plant i see.  can’t help it.  6. on a windy day like today, i love to find a bunny hole and climb in with only my puff sticking out.  7. beautiful day spent cloud floating down elemental streams.
1. raindrops keep falling on my puff…maybe if i stand still, birds will want to land on the puff for a bath!  it’s worth a try!  2. spotted drops in the air today.  3. give turtles a rub, shells have feelings too.  4. i wonder what an inside out waterfall would look like… 5. spruce air is some of my favorite air this time of year.
1. wooly-clouds above.  2. riding the pond ripples… 3. semi-combing the puff for the big day.  meeting with a frog.  4.  meeting with frog went well!  don’t even know why i was a little nervous.  frogs are such friendly people.
1. i studied leaf design all night thanks to the light of my friend firefly.  now time for a nap!  off to find a pod… 2. when butterflies are hungry, they land on a flower.  when they’re sleepy, they land on a mushroom. who doesn’t enjoy a good mushroom pillow?
1. ventured out of my bunny hole today and sat against a tree, watching my bird friends travel south. then a bunny started chasing me.  2. i think spring is here. time to dust off the poof and find my first spring mushroom home.  3. beautiful pods.  4. wow just woke up.  puffs a mess!  seems like i slept through seven seasons.  that’s what i get for falling asleep on a star bearing mushroom!  5. for some reason ducks like to quack right in my face.  makes the puff shoot straight up every time.